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Super Osijek is newly renovated shopping center located in center of Osijek. Super has always been favorite place among citizens of Osijek, and from 2016. it is the symbol of the city once again.

Super Osijek has a rich history – it was opened in 1967. as one of the biggest shopping centers in ex-Yugoslavia, with surface bigger than 10.000 square meters. More than 300 small businesses was located here and it was the central place in everyday life, not only of citizens of Osijek, but of Slavonians as well. Super was modern shopping center back then, which added new, modern look to the city center. Except of shopping, it was home to many other businesses, so one could have a lunch, a glass of wine or get a top notch service at one of many stores.

In the mid sixties and first part of the seventies, Super was place to be in Osijek. It looks funny from todays perspective, but back then even escalators were very sophisticated thing, and right here the first toasts sandwiches, and first bottles of Coca-Cola could be bought. Back then everything in Super seemed – super. Back then, it didn't matter, which brand of clothes did you wear, it was important that it was bought in Super. It was like this until 9. March 1982. ..., when the fire broke. It has started in the morning, and the fire lasted until 18 o'clock. This resulted in both financial losses and damage. Firemans couldn't saved bigger part of merchandise in the basement floor. So in only few hours one of the biggest shopping centers in Osijek has vanished. Construction of new shopping center in Blok center, new Super Market, has started in spring of 1984., after merger of Modna Hiža from Ljubljana and Slavonija tekstil from Osijek. The biggest change was, bigger usage of basement floor, which was originally only a warehouse. In one period there was a big pub, and after that there was a supermarket. And so we arrived to the present.

Today , Super is completely renovated both from the outside and inside and it has 7.000 square meters at five levels at which you can find well-known brands such as dm, Galileo, Perfecta Dreams, T-Com etc. On the Level 3 there is a beautiful office space with terrace and great view at the old city. Although Super is located only 200 meters from the main square and only two minutes from tram station, za kupce je osigurano sat vremena besplatnog parkiranja na 40 parking spaces in garage and at 100 outside parking spaces.